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Lowell's Own The Shirts and Shoes Gearing Up For Raucous 7/31 O'Brien's Show in Allston

Lowell based rock quartet The Shirts and Shoes are gearing up for a massive show taking place at the end of the month on July 31st at O'Brien's in the heart of Allston Rock City where they'll be joined by local acts Awnthay and One Stays. If you're not familiar with the fellas, the group consists of Emiliano Calvo, Alec Gervais, Tiler Sharin, and Eric Gonnam. They're a tremendous rock outfit that blends elements of punk and indie into a indelible mixture that will make it hard to ignore and even harder to turn your back away on them. I had the pleasure of interviewing the gents for my podcast earlier this year, and they are a hilarious and fun loving group of gents who know how to have a frolicking good time on stage and interacting with the audience that may result in some of the members performing without shirts on. It's all in the spirit of good fun, and not playing many shows in awhile will definitely give the band some pent up energy that is just yearning to explode into the atmosphere. A much anticipated show that makes the heat of summer that much more palpable.

Doors open at 8pm on 7/31 for the O'Brien's Pub show. Music starts at 9pm and tickets are $10 at the door. For more info on The Shirts and Shoes, please seek them out on all major streaming carriers, and on their respective Facebook and Instagram accounts as well.

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