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Lynn, MA Based Indie Quartet Pregame Rituals Take In The "Persian Nights" on New Single

Photo Credit: Alexandra Thanopoulos

From right here locally in Lynn otherwise known as the City of Sin comes the indelible sounds of Pregame Rituals, who released their brand new single just last week titled "Persian Nights". The band's sound has some hints of emo thrown in, but when it mixes in with the already present indie rhythms it creates a truly dynamic musical concoction that can't be matched by anyone. The band features my great friend Georgio Broufas, whom you may also remember from his previous act Western Education that was a constant fixture here on the site for many years. Georgio is a beyond talented musician who has created something truly breathtaking with this new act that is very special and deserves your undivided attention. The sound is in a whole other arena than Western Ed, but it builds upon the same energy and caters to a whole other subset as well. What I found really striking about their music is their ability to reach across the musical fence, and become the musical heroes they are who are definitely going to go a long way moving forward. A tremendous song that is deserving of repeat plays.

You can check out "Persian Nights" now streaming on all major music platforms and for more on Pregame Rituals, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook located here, follow them on Twitter right here, and see their beautiful pics on Instagram conveniently located over here.

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