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Medford Based Indie Duo Honest Mechanik Connect With Listeners on New Single "Translate"

Photo Credit: Dino Cattaneo

Medford based indie duo Honest Mechanik released their latest single just last Friday titled "Translate". The song is a harmonic, indie laden paradise coupled with upbeat melodies transposed throughout to give the song a strong musical identity and sense of self worth that is evident the moment you open the musical package. If you're not familiar with the duo, it consists of Susan Cattaneo and Paul Hansen with Marco Giovino on drums and percussion. You may remember Paul from his work in The Grownup Noise, a local Boston area act who were featured here on the site several years back. The song is a reflective number on all the joys they have in their lives, mostly raising their respective children together, and sharing experiences in that sometimes arduous responsibility comes through as a shining light and beacon of hope for all those that sometimes struggle with parenthood. Susan and Paul do an excellent job of articulating their musical message on a vibrant musical canvas that immediately comes to life and once you've listened to the song as a whole, you'll definitely see the big picture. An incredibly warm, inviting track that is worthy of a test spin.

To check out "Translate" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming providers and for more on Honest Mechanik, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, follow their adventures on Twitter right here, see their pics on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit their official website conveniently at this perch here for more in depth info surrounding them.

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