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Medford Porchfest Returns For Its 2nd Go Around Next Sat. 6/1

Medford Porchfest is back for its 2nd annual edition happening next Sat. 6/1 from 12-5PM with a rain date scheduled for Sun. 6/2. There's hope for better weather for this year's edition as last year's was marked by cool and damp 50 degree weather, but it didn't stop detractors from getting out and enjoy front porch/driveway shows all throughout town. This year's festival aims for better weather and brighter spirits as throngs of people are expected to be out and about seeking out porch shows all throughout town. I had a blast despite the conditions, and it was great to see the communal experience as people brought out beach chairs and made it a pilgrimage to see unknown bands making a direct impact on their audience that was just passing through. Other communities are starting to develop their own edition of Porchfest also, but the Medford one is particularly special to me as it's my hometown and have spent my entire existence growing up here, and it'll be a real treat to see people mingling about to experience the local flavor.

The deadline to sign up as a band just passed on Monday and notifications of matches will go out next week. For more info on Medford Porchfest, head on over to their official website right here. You can also check them out on their Facebook page here, their Twitter feed over here, and on their Instagram feed at this spot here for all the latest updates on the festival.

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