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Black Spring and Their New Single "Act My Age"

February 4, 2019

The stellar grunge pop band, Black Spring, now based in Brighton, released their blistering debut single
recently, "Act My Age". There is plenty of moody, fierce guitar riffs and edgy direction with this track.
This band has taken on what it is to be grunge and owned it.

The band met at Canterbury College and collectively decided a move to Brighton would be the ultimate
place to launch a band, many bands have found a home there. Brighton provides the ideal place to
grow your craft, there is an artistic vibe many flock to for that reason. So, they guys decided to build a
base and following there. Without a doubt, the gamble to move there was the right one.

The group have said that they found inspiration with band such as the Foo Fighters, Pixies, Arctic
Monkeys, Neck Deep and Nirvana. The band have then cleverly taken that influence and made
something new and at once their own, developing a modern grunge pop sound. They have their own
separate and individual identity and occupy that space as artists as well.

The track has been produced by Ed John at Park Studios, and the final sound of "Act My Age"
demonstrates the originality and top quality song writing the band excel at. Straight in, the guitar is
directed at you and with lead singer Sam Glen’s giant vocals and the strength and immediacy in the
drums and bass, it’s a wall of grungy sound. The track echoes all of the hallmarks of grunge without
being too dark. The track doesn’t linger in the pop genre sound either, it strikes a balance making it
widely appealing. In actuality, the track would fit well in large or small venues. What’s certain, is this is a
band to follow and get on your playlists.

Click here to follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.
You can listen to the song on Spotify by clicking here.


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