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About MusicBoxPete

MusicBoxPete was started by myself in November, 2009 as a forum for album reviews of high profile bands and smaller independent artists. Eventually, it grew as a platform for emerging artists to be heard with my weekly Artist Spotlight feature. Once a week, I present to you features on numerous artists from Boston and outside the region, showcasing their new music and why you should know about them. I present to you the highlights of each artist and tell you their influences, why they're awesome, and where you can hear their music.

In addition, every Monday at 5pm I have my MusicBoxPete podcast featuring interviews with emerging acts both locally and beyond, and tell you why you should be listening to them, along with their backstory of how their music comes to fruition. I help you wrap up the week with MusicBoxPete Live every Friday evening on the MBP Facebook page where I talk about the past week of music, and look ahead to what's coming down the road.

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