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Artist Spotlight: Yearbook

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For today's edition of Artist Spotlight, we head across the pond to Hampshire, England where we come across the sounds of the lovely lads of Yearbook. The band consists of Andy Halloway, Hamish Dickinson, Thomas Brooker, and Louis Martin. The band has a loose and limber blend of hard edged alternative rock with some slight indie influences working their way through the mainframe to give themselves a full featured blend of sounds that allows them to be more noticeable to the naked ear just passing by. I really enjoyed these guys when I first came across them, and I liked how their performance was entirely natural and they weren't trying to be anyone else but themselves because that's all they know and just plain love making music as a collective outlet while continuing to get better as they go along. A terrific upstart U.K. band that is looking to make an impact on American music listeners. Some tracks for you to discover from the gents include "Art Student" and "Visionary".

For more info on Yearbook, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here and stay in touch with their constant stream of musical updates. Follow them on Twitter as well from over here and see when they may be performing in the U.S. sometime soon. Visit their official website right here for more in depth and wide reaching info about the band, and check out their new EP "Old Bones" now available for download via iTunes, Amazon MP3, and many more digital music outlets.

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