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Artist Spotlight: We Deny

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Closing out the week with another new edition of Artist Spotlight! Today, we jump across the pond to Basingstoke, England where we come across the explosive pop-punk sounds of We Deny. The band consists of Loren Mancini on lead vocals, Sean Page on rhythm guitar, Jake Barratt on lead guitar, Sean Touhy on bass, and Tom Drinkwater on drums. The band's sound is a youthful, straightforward blast of melodic pop-punk that is reminiscent of all the groups I grew up listening to in high school, and takes me back to the days of when music was reflective of the emotions currently built up in the youth at that time and people were looking for a creative outlet to express those emotions in the most unified way possible. I really loved the way that the band stuck to the script and just kept things simple for the prospective listener to fall head over heels with their melodies almost immediately upon listen, and constantly kept them coming back for more. A terrific upstart U.K. band that is deserving of some exposure here in the States. Some recommended songs for you to check out include "Here's To Never" and "Take Me Away".

For more info on We Deny, head on over to their Facebook page located here and give it a 'Like' so that you can stay in the know of all their musical happenings. Their debut album will be released soon so stay tuned for more info surrounding its release. Check out all of their music they have released thus far on their Soundcloud site conveniently located right here.

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