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Artist Spotlight: Brave Native

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Have another new edition of Artist Spotlight for you today, and we head out west to Los Angeles where we come across the indie infused sounds of Brave Native. The band consists of Dante Brunetto, Chris Sung, and John Doherty. The band's sound is an enthusiastic, sun kissed odyssey with rich musical melodies and dynamic wavelengths reminiscent of groups such as Passion Pit with their own unique twist put on for good measure. I really took to these guys, and their musicality is brimming with realistic positivity that is omnipresent in all facets of the musical game here and speaks to mind about the level of talent that they've acquired. A terrific upstart band that is definitely worthy of checking out when you have free time.

For more information on Brave Native, 'Like' them on Facebook here and see what they're all about from a musical perspective. Follow them on Twitter from this location over here and find out when they may be traveling over to the East Coast sometime soon for a concert appearance. Visit their official website over here for more in depth information concerning the band, and links to stream and/or purchase their music as well.

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