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Grand Cousin Preview Forthcoming EP With "Better"

Wesleyan University's pride and joy Grand Cousin have revealed another juicy nugget off their forthcoming EP called "Better". The song is an indie leaning, highly melodic piece of musical wonder abound with frontman Henry Hall's voice reaching new heights with his cooing vocals enticing scores of listeners with their hip and unique sound being a big hit among college age music listeners, while also exposing their sound to others just outside their age range as well. I've covered these guys a few times on the site before, and they probably have the most creative musical mindset of any upstart band I've covered in recent memory. The guys definitely have a bright future ahead of them if they play their cards right, which sees them currently dealing a winning hand.

To check out "Better" for yourself, it's now available for streaming on their SoundCloud site located over here and for more info on the handsome gents in Grand Cousin, 'Like' them on Facebook here and give them a follow on Twitter right here.

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