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Artist Spotlight: Sam Roberts Band

Closing out the week and the month of May with a brand new edition of Artist Spotlight, brought to us from our neighbors to the north in Montreal, Quebec that go by the name of Sam Roberts Band. The band consists of Sam Roberts, Dave Nugent, Eric Fares, James Hall, and Josh Trager. The band has a low-key, melodic indie-rock tonality to them with ambient instrumentation and deep, piercing vocals reminiscent of The National that really connects] you with the guys upon first listen and gives you a glimpse inside their musical mindset which is brimming with creativity and musical persuasion that keeps you listening to them from the start. I found these guys on Audiotree, which is an excellent source for live performances from up and coming bands, and I really loved their approach to creating their music and loved how they kept in tune with each other while performing, something that is a essential cornerstone for any band to master the art of, and these guys definitely have some enjoyable characteristics to them that flourish and bubble up to the surface when you first listen to them. A terrific on the rise act that is definitely worthy of checking out. Some tracks for you to check out include "Golden Hour" and "Shapeshifters".

For more info on Sam Roberts Band, cruise on over to their Facebook page located here and give it a 'Like' to stay in the stream of consciousness with the guys. Follow the guys on Twitter from this central locale here and see when they'll be making their way over to the Boston area sometime soon for a concert performance. Visit their official website here for more in depth information regarding the guys, and their latest album is called "Lo-Fantasy" which you can pick it up on iTunes here and on Amazon right here.

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