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Artist Spotlight: Mission Transmission

Kicking off the month of June with a brand new edition of Artist Spotlight, and this takes us down to Hartford, CT and upon the explosive and powerful sounds of Mission Transmission. The band consists of Adam Lyman, Brian Dunnigan, Richard Stone, Seth Michalek, and Mike Morin. The band has an impeccable, highly melodic sound similar to the likes of Yellowcard and Story of The Year that strikes a fine balance between high energy pop-punk while throwing in some slightly harder and abrasive musical elements that gives them a great deal of diversity and a strong and structured lyricism that speaks clearly to their supportive and ever growing fanbase. I saw these guys in concert this past Saturday at PA's Lounge and I must say they were a revelation for me and I'm glad I stayed around to catch these guys because I could tell there was something special about these guys and what transpired on stage was nothing short of amazing. The band also threw in some covers to go along with their originals including Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" and the song that defined my high school years, The Starting Line's "Best of Me" that sealed the deal for me and really opened my eyes to a supremely talented band that more than deserves to move higher up the musical echelon. A terrific act that needs to be heard immediately! Some recommended tracks for you to unearth include "One of The Lucky Ones" and "Burning The City Down".

For more info on the guys in Mission Transmission, head on over to their Facebook page located here to give it a quick 'Like' so that you can stay within their stream of musical updates. Follow the guys on Twitter from this spot here and stay in touch with the guys directly. Their official website right here has a boatload of in depth info about the band, and their latest EP is called "One Small Step" that you can purchase on iTunes right over here.

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