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Artist Spotlight: Wake Owl

Get ready for the weekend with an all new edition of Artist Spotlight, and taking us to their hometown of Portland, OR are the fine folks of Wake Owl! The band consists of Colyn Cameron on lead vocals and guitar, Aiden Brent Briscall on guitar, bass, and violin, Madison Rowley on keys, and Josh Content on drums. The band has a subtle yet joyous folk rock sound similar to the likes of Fleet Foxes coupled with an upbeat blend of musical symmetry abound with delicate vocal abilities and warm, lush instrumentation setting the stage for what is sure to be a tremendous listening experience. I found these guys from Audiotree, which is an amazing source for live in-studio performances from up and coming artists and I was particularly intrigued by their musical mindset they displayed while in the studio performing, and you could clearly tell that they had something special going on with their dynamic musicality shape shifting through the limelight, and Madison's beautiful and epic beard had me spellbound and hypnotized from the get go, adding a string of authenticity to the mix that tied everything up in one unique package. A diverse and fun loving group that you'll be sure to appreciate almost instantaneously. Some recommended songs for you to discover include "Letters" and "Candy".

For more info on Wake Owl, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here and see for yourself what these guys are conjuring up from the musical realm. Follow them on Twitter from this locale over here and see when they may be plotting out a trip to the New England area sometime soon for a concert performance. Check their official homepage right here for more extensive info regarding the band, and check out their latest effort titled "The Private World of Paradise", now available for download on iTunes at this spot here.

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