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Thee Idea Men Premiere New Album "New Level Shoes"

Philadelphia based group Thee Idea Men just released their brand new album titled "New Level Shoes". The collection is a quirky collection of tunes that rides the gamut through some psychedelia and blues influences, even generating some influence from their hometown neighbors in Dr. Dog and are starting to develop their own musical personality that is really out there and infectious that will definitely attract some heads and ears in their general direction. I really loved what I found from these guys, and really took to heart the ideas that were flowing through their minds when they were writing these compositions, and they definitely have a place among the other up and coming bands currently trying to make it in the scene. For more info on Thee Idea Men, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and give them a follow on Twitter right here. "New Level Shoes" can be streamed and purchased over on their Bandcamp site here for the low price of just $5!

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