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Artist Spotlight: Real Friends

Closing out the week and cruising into the weekend with an all new Artist Spotlight, where we jet on over to Tinley Park, IL where we encounter the vivacious pop-punk sounds of Real Friends. The band consists of Kyle Fasel on bass, Dave Knox on guitar, Dan Lambton on lead vocals, Brian Blake on drums, and Eric Haines on guitar. The band has an intense, driven pop-punk sound with influences ranging from Jimmy Eat World with a strong emphasis being put on melody and emotion that will definitely draw the masses to their sound, which is a genre of music that has been high in demand for quite some time and these guys are quickly spearheading the movement with their pure and unfiltered sound. I had a blast listening to these guys, and it sort of takes me back to my high school years which of course was the basis for alot of the music I listen to today, and gives me an immediate rush every time I hear it and makes me feel younger in a way as it allows me to relate to some of the lyrics and connect with a younger audience that allows me to see a little bit of myself in each and every one of them and makes me feel chuffed and glad that pop-punk is having a positive impact on today's youth. A terrific up and coming band primed for the big show. Some recommended tracks for you to check out include "Late Nights In My Car" and "Skin Deep". For more info on Real Friends, check them out on Facebook over here and give them a 'Like' so you can stay in touch with the guys on a musical level. Follow the guys on Twitter from this locale here and find out when they'll be stopping by the Boston area sometime soon for a concert appearance. Check out their official website right here for a plethora of in depth information related to the guys, and check out their Bandcamp page right over here to listen to all of their music on a streaming basis.

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