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Mount Sharp Releases Eclectic Sounding Track "Icarus"

Brooklyn's own Mount Sharp has just unveiled their latest musical creation titled "Icarus". The track is a fuzzy, spaced out rocker that has some distinct indie characteristics attached to it, while bringing their own sensibility to the table that allows the curious listener the chance to dissect their sound and see how the magic has come together while in the studio. This was an enjoyable listen for me, and it really allowed for me the opportunity to dig deep and find what makes this group unique, and it's the fact that they're all remarkably different and those differences allow individual viewpoints on how each track should sound, and what results is a diverse and talented group of musicians gathered here before you. To take a listen to "Icarus", it has been made available to stream on their Soundcloud site here, and for more info on Mount Sharp, 'Like' them on Facebook here and they're on Twitter at this location here.

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