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Vacationer Premiere Stunning New Video For "The Wild Life"

Philadelphia, PA based Vacationer just unveiled earlier today their gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing video for the track "The Wild Life", off their upcoming sophomore release "Relief". The clip takes us on a musical trip, guided by frontman Kenny Vasoli on an epic odyssey through the wonder that is Costa Rica where he mingles with the locals and unveils some sick looking dance moves in the process as he comes along as our tour guide through the wonder of it all. This clip was a total revelation for me as I've been a huge fan of him through his prior musical endeavors, and it really struck me at how comfortable Kenny is in his own skin, and is reveling in his musical transformation that has taken him all over the globe, but has really taken leaps and bounds aplenty with this musical project. "Relief" will be in stores and online this coming Monday and for more info on Vacationer, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter right here.

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