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Artist Spotlight: Somos

Starting off the month of July with a brand new edition of Artist Spotlight featuring Boston's own Somos! The band consists of Michael Fiorentino on vocals and bass, Phil Haggerty on guitar, Justin Hahn on guitar, and Evan Deges on drums. The band has an eclectic blend of punk influences with an indie based state of mind that allows them to stand out immensely from the other similarly structured groups attempting to make it out in the scene these days. I really appreciated these guys for sticking to their guns of the music they know best, and making the listening audience the part of the action and gradually integrating them in the experience over time that will make them an extended part of the group, and will grow along with the band as well over time. A terrific upstart local band with plenty of potential for growth in the not too distant future. Some tracks for you to check out from the guys include "Dead Wrong" and "Lives of Others".

For more info on Somos, 'Like' them on Facebook from over here and stay connected with the guys regularly. You can follow them on Twitter right here and find out when the guys will be playing again in the New England area sometime soon. Visit their sweet Tumblr page here for an in-depth glimpse of the band, and check out their debut album titled "Temple of Plenty", now available for free streaming on their Bandcamp site right over here.

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