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BREAKING: Tommy Ramone, Last Surviving Member of The Ramones Passes Away


Some sad news that traveled in late last night. Tommy Ramone, founding member and the last surviving member of the original The Ramones lineup, died last night following treatment for bile duct cancer. He was 62 years old. Tommy played on the first three studio albums released by the group, the self-titled effort, "Leave Home", and "Rocket To Russia". After depearting the group, he continued to have a hand in production duties, producing the band's 1984 opus "Too Tough to Die". The band disbanded in 1996 and was a highly influential band in the emerging NYC punk scene in the 70's and 80's and is still a constant on rock radio today. Joey Ramone died on lymphoma in 2001, Dee Dee died of a drug overdose a year later, and Johnny died of prostate cancer in 2004. This is a sad closing chapter to one of the most influential and dynamic bands that ever existed in the punk scene. Truly a raw and unadulterated group that really went against the grain of what was to be expected from groups.

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