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Artist Spotlight: Vinyl Theatre


Artist Spotlight is back with a look at Milwaukee, Wisconsin's own indie-electronic stars, Vinyl Theatre. The band consists of Chris, Keegan, Josh, and Nick and the band have concoted an indelible indietronic concotion ready for musical consumption right now as we speak. The members all have a unique role that when combined in the final mixing and mastering stages, shows how remakrably talented each of the members are and their unique personalities that contribute to the success of each track they write and produce. I had an enjoyable time listening to these guys, and really understood wholeheartedly what these guys were trying to accomplish, and I can clearly tell due to the infectious nature of their music that their fanbase is ever growing right now as we speak and the enthusiasm inside is deifnitely growing as I'm talking to you. An amazing upstart band that is ready to burst out and take it to the next level. Some songs for you to check out for yourself include "Breaking Up My Bones" and "If You Say So".

For more info on the guys in Vinyl Theatre, give them a well deserved 'Like' on Facebook right here and see firsthand how musically explosive they are. The band is also on Twitter from this central locale here and find out when the guys will be making their way to the Boston area sometime soon for a performance. Check out their latest release titled 'Chromatic" now available for purchase on iTunes right here.

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