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Artist Spotlight: Incan Abraham


Wrapping up the week with Artist Spotlight, and headed out to Los Angeles and upon the hypnotic and dream laced sounds of Incan Abraham. The band consists of Giuliano Pizzulo, Spencer Mandel, Andrew, and Teddy Cafaro. The band's sound has influences ranging from Beach House and Local Natives with an ethereal, downtempo sound that really knows how to hit a subtle note with such organically composed instrumentation and mellow, dreamy vocals that really get the blood flowing almost immediately. I enjoyed these guys right from the moment I hit 'Play', and saw a great deal of potential that I haven't seen from a rising artist in quite some time and what could possibly be from this band down the road with such tight knit musical chemistry that is a beauty to sit and listen unfold right before you. An amazing act that I wouldn't be surprised hits the big time a couple of years from now. Some brilliant tracks for you to check out include "All You Want" and "Concorde".

For more info on Incan Abraham, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here if you're on board with the musical journey and wonder they're about to undertake. The band is on Twitter from this locale right here and see if they might be playing the Boston area sometime in the not too distant future. Visit their official website over here for a boatload of in depth info regarding the band, and check out the group's latest release titled "Tolerance, now available on iTunes here, Amazon MP3 here, and for your streaming convenience on Spotify at this spot here.

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