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WFNX Documentary "We Want The Airwaves" Now Available for Free Streaming

The WFNX documentary "We Want The Airwaves" has made its debut online for the very low price of free! The movie, which made its debut screening back in October at the Filmshift Film Festival, chronicles the beginning of one of Boston's most influential radio stations, and takes it through the glory years from the mayhem of the Green Day performance at the Hatch Shell, the discovery of Nirvana, and its eventual sale to Clear Channel. I had the opportunity to attend the premiere back in October, and it was a honor to meet the film's creator Jason Steeves and talk with him about the station and his thoughts going into making it. The fact that he's made it available for free shows how much he truly values the history of the station and the culture surrounding it.

To view it in its entirety, head on over to Vimeo at this link here.

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