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Artist Spotlight: The Lonely Biscuits


Today for Artist Spotlight, we had down to Nashville, Tennessee and upon the musical doorstep of the funky gentlemen in The Lonely Biscuits. The band consists of John Paterini, Grady Wenrich, Sam Gidley, and Nick Byrd. The band has an intricately designed blend of indie pop conjured upon a funk laden melodic hybrid that is unlike anything heard on this planet, and is willing to combine the two musical planets that wouldn't have possibly collided, but when heard in its finished form is truly something magical and extraordinary. My eyebrows were definitely raised in an intriguing fashion after hearing these guys, and they have some serious talent and a willingness to go outside of the box and combine musical mixtures into something that is different and has a seriously funky vibe that will garner fans from all across the musical spectrum. An exceptional group that you'll be hearing plenty more from in the near future. A track for you to unearth is the straightforward "Casual Vibes".

For more on The Lonely Biscuits, 'Like' them on Facebook here and become a part of their musical community. The band is on Twitter as well from right here and find out if they have any plans to perform in the Boston area sometime soon. Visit their official website here for more in depth information regarding the band, and check out their music readily available on their Bandcamp site located here.

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