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Oh, Jeremiah Releases New Single "Beautiful Monster"


Hattiesburg, MS based Oh, Jeremiah has just unveiled the second single off his studio album "My Very Own Kingdom" called "Beautiful Monster". The one-man band has an upbeat, indie-folk vibe to him that evokes the singer-songwriter abilities of Ryan Adams with his own Southern built charisma and charm woven deep into the fabric of his music that showcases his talent in a pure and unfiltered fashion that gives the listener the highest degree of satisfaction and personal effect as the result of hearing the melodies and/or lyrics. I found his music to be particilarly soothing, and had that calm and straightforward positivity that carried the song all the way to the end without very much trouble, and really puts you in a positive frame of mind which is something that most listeners are seeking out of music these days.

To take a listen to "Beautiful Monster, head on over to his Soundcloud page here to take a listen, and give Oh, Jeremiah a 'Like' on Facebook here and a follow on Twitter here while you're at it.

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