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Ajax Ray O'Vaque Releases Summer Ready Clip "Best Days of Our Lives"

Ajax Ray O'Vaque has just put out his finely put together video for the song "Best Days of Our Lives". The video is a virtual somrgasboard of activity and creative juices flowing in every direction, coupled with an upbeat melody and finely tuned musical precision that sets this eye catching piece of visual stimuli apart from all the others floating around on the Internets. Ajax's real name is Anthony Resta, and he's also a record producer as well who has worked with such creative visionaries like Duran Duran, Elton John, and Collective Soul. His experience working with those aforementioned artists shows in this piece that fully realizes the vision he had when conjuring up this vid on the storyboards. You can check out more of his creations from his YouTube channel right over here.

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