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2014 MusicBoxPete Bands of Summer Special

It's finally here! The MusicBoxPete Bands of Summer Special is finalized and ready for your viewing pleasure. Over the course of the last month or so, bands have been invited to submit their band photos all featuring at least one member in the band shirtless or the entire group, whatever they felt comfortable with. This is designed to show a fun and carefree side of the band that we don't get to see too often, and treates the female readers to some serious eye candy in the process as well. Here is this year's crop of acts along with their submitted photos and a few words about each artist:

Donovan Wolfington – New Orleans, LA

This Bayou bred foursome with a badass name really made a unforgettable first impression with my Artist Spotlight feature on them earlier on this year, not only with their music but their press pic featuring the members dropping their pants and showing off their finely tuned bods to the world. It was definitely a big hit with my readers and was really the genesis for starting this “Bands of Summer” feature in the first place, and definitely satisfies those hungry eyes looking for some summer escapism.

DrewOfTheDrew – Orlando, FL

The bass player for Helicopria is no stranger to taking his clothes off while on stage, and he has submitted one of the most revealing pictures in this feature. Clearly, he has an affinity for wearing the color green while on stage, sometimes flashing a big green “D” in reference to his name. Other than his good looks and insatible bod, he's an amazing bass player and contributes a great deal to Helicopria's success to date.

Flannel Mouth – Glasford, IL

Midwestern rockers Flannel Mouth submitted an appropriately themed beach photo that shows the band letting loose and revealing their personalities to everyone. These guys are relative newcomers to the MusicBoxPete community, but we're stoked to have them on board as they definitely fit in with their free wheeling charisma and charm working wonders for everyone who comes into contact with them.

Kansas Bible Company – Nashville, TN

This Southern bred act is the largest group in our feature with over a dozen members rounding out the group, and the guys definitely have experience with being shirtless in this pic from their music vid for “Witches and Wizards”. During their performances, the guys usually dress according to a certain theme, and sometimes that revolves around wearing no shirts at all much to the delight of those in attendance and for those looking to have a great concert experience.

Manic Pixi – Brooklyn, NY

This lovable threesome is no stranger to the site as they've been featured countless times over the course of the year, and are poised to make their big breakthrough later on this year. This photo right here shows you everything you need to know about the group, and drummer Emmett Ceglia is not a fan of wearing a shirt at all during his performances so you'll definitely be seeing him in the flesh literally and perhaps giving him a sweaty hug after the show.

Moses Gunn Collective – Brisbane, Australia

The Aussie based psychedelic collective and recent Artist Spotlight features have a rather colorful image to go along with their unique blend of music that is starting to set its course on the U.S. sometime soon. This pic will definitely have your emotions raging in a good way as you become hypnotized with their quick musical wit and ridiculously laid back personalities all contributing to an incredible experience all around.

Sulene – Brooklyn, NY

This South African native makes up the aforementioned Helicopria, and is probably one of the most striking, naturally beautiful women I've come across in quite some time. With her fiery red hair and tremendous guitar skills, she makes up one of the more impressive live acts in quite some time. Along with her bandmate Drew, they make up a tremendous musical tour de force that needs to be seen live in order to get the full grasp of their music.

The Courtesans - London, England

This all female British act will definitely provide for some entertainment from my male readers with this bold and racy pic that will get all the senses fired up immediately. A relative unknown to the site, the band has a independent and free spirited mindset that suites them well in the long run and will also attract a whole slew of devotees in the process who will fall head over heels over their beauty and music.

The Henry Millers – New York City, NY

This duo clearly doesn't care about wearing much clothes, and are letting it all hang out there in one of the more impressive pics in our feature so far. An Artist Spotlight feature from earlier on in the year, they have a tremendous blend of indie rock that is so different and unique that it puts them in an entirely different genre all together that gives them an added edge. We only wish we could see what lays underneath those guitars!

Victorian Halls – Chicago, IL

Jordan Dismuke, the dreamy bass player for Victorian Halls submitted this cleverly put together photo that sees his sitting Indian style, cleverly guarding what lays underneath. I'm rather unfamiliar with their music, but will definitely do so in the near future and Jordan really seems to have an infectious and jovial personality that will work wonders for the whole group in the long run, and we can only imagine where that takes them.

War Games - Westport, MA

We close out the feature with a local act from Westport by the name of War Games. These guys definitely win creativity points for this one with a nautical theme and the guys showing various degrees of tattooed skin underneath that will get curious viewers craving for more. The guys have a hard, abrasive sound similar to that of Brand New with a deep musical focus that is unlike any other group out there today.

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