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Music Industry Considering Moving Album Release Date To Fridays


The recording industry is considering making a drastic change to the day of the week that albums are traditionally released, and moving them from Tuesdays to Fridays as a way of combatting music piracy on a global scale. According to Billboard magazine, the change would likely be implemented in July 2015 and while it's almost a done deal, many others have not come together fully to discuss the issue in detail. Some indie labels and record stores are opposed to the idea as they prefer having the release date early in the week as it helps them sell more CD's. Avid supporters of a particular artist come in early in the week, while regular customers come in on Friday as they receive their paychecks from work. In the end though, music retailers don't have much say which day of the week will be the global street date.

A massive overhaul of physical pipeline scheduling would need to be done in order for this to take effect, and the notion of whether other forms of entertainment such as the DVD market would be moved to a Friday release schedule as well. Only time will tell if this plan comes to fruition.

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