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Artist Spotlight: Family and Friends


Starting off your Thursday with another edition of Artist Spotlight, and a jaunt to Athens, GA where we come in close quarters with the collective known as Family and Friends! The band consists of Mike MacDonald on guitar and vocals, Casey Harper on vocals, Jamie Rios on percussion, Ryan Houchens on percussion, JP McKenzie on guitar, Tuna Fortuna on bass, and Maria Kindt on viola and vocals. The band's music is a tightly wound blend of upbeat indie folk mixed in with a strong lyrical framework that reads like a sonnet with introspective lyricism mixed within a organically composed framework that really hits you instantly when you first hear it in its finished state. What really got me all shook up about these guys was the deep musical bond that is extant within the group and allows each member to bounce musical ideas off one another and reach a common ground when it comes to creating these songs in the studio. The band's percussion section deserves an honorable mention with their indelible skills contributing greatly to the overall sound of the group as a whole. A wonderful band that puts everything in musical perspective for you right away. Some amazing tracks for you to discover from them include "Wyoming" and "My Life, My Love".

For more info on Family and Friends, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and stay in touch with the group for all their latest music news and happenings. The band is on Twitter as well from right here and see if they plan on making it up to the New England area sometime in the not too distant future. Check out their latest effort titled "Love You Mean It", now available for purchase on Bandcamp here and on iTunes as well at this spot here.

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