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Artist Spotlight: The Lady Comes First


Kicking off another week of Artist Spotlight with a look at Cambridge, MA's own The Lady Comes First! The duo consists of Adrian Emberley and Shoney Lamar with a frantic, bold blend of maneuverable indie rock reminiscent of The White Stripes with a strong work aesthetic and innovative musical ideas that really shine through brightly while performing on stage. I managed to catch these guys at the Music Commons launch party this past weekend, and they really left a mark on me with an incredible performance that really opened my eyes to the possibilities of what can be when two people come together with a totally innovative, outside the box musical concoction that sounds more amazing after repeated listens. A terrific undiscovered band that is worthy of your attention.

For more info on The Lady Comes First, 'Like' them on Facebook here to become a part of their exclusive community. The duo's latest effort titled "Yes Please and Thank You" is now available for listening and streaming on Bandcamp right over here.

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