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MusicBoxPete 5th Anniversary Party Details


MusicBoxPete is celebrating its 5th year of existence and to commemorate this special milestone, I'll be throwing a special bash to celebrate the history of the site and all the musicians it has helped to break that have gone on to achieve notable success throughout the Boston area. For the entire week of November 18th (the actual launch date of the site) we'll be taking a trip down memory lane where we'll look back on the journey this site has taken from its beginnings in Blogspot format, to the full service music website it has become today. We'll also have some updates from past Artist Spotlight features and see what some of them are up to right now and how their careers have changed since being featured on the site, plus some flashback photos from yesteyear and reposts of the most popular articles that have defined the spirit and essence of MusicBoxPete and have become part of our shared heritage.

Stay tuned to the site for further updates on the anniversary party as November 18th draws closer so we can celebrate the future of the site with a massive blow-out bash!

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