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Ryan Langlois - Bandit

Boston based singer songwriter Ryan Langlois just put his debut EP out a few days ago called "Bandit". Originally raised outside of San Francisco but living here in the Bean right now, Ryan has an immensely enjoyable alt/country feel to him with immensely realistic songwriting that puts him in a pantheon all his own and makes you appreciate his authenticity that much more.

"You Never Know" gets things going with a perfect mid-tempo blast and Ryan's simply placed vocals reminding me of Troy Cartwright, another artist featured prominently here on the site. Ryan definitely nails it in terms of the musical imagery he wants to convey to the audience, and it does a great job of setting things in motion right here. The title track is my favorite song out of the bunch with indelible instrumentation and Ryan's wonderful vocals adding a layer of realism and wonder that makes it feel like Ryan's telling you a story, and that you're right in the middle fo the action as he's telling it that gives you a unique way of experiencing the emptions that Ryan is conveying to his lsitenimg audience, something that is very unique and very difficult for a musician to accomplish with such authenticity and talent that Ryan has displayed here. "Those Who Wait" ends it all here with a colorful musical palette of breezy instrumentation and Ryan's simply structured vocals wrapping up the brief affair on point and giving the listener an idea of what we've covered on our brief musical journey that accomplished a great deal during that span of time, much of it developing an impression of Ryan as a musician and person which is held in a different regard than other musicians with his inate ability of performing becoming his forte and makes him stand out from the pack.

In closing, a well rehearsed and recorded effort from Ryan Langlois, a West Coast transplant who has found his calling right here in Boston and is making a lot of fans (myself included) with his incredible talent and compact songwriting style giving listeners an immensely enjoyable listening experience.

EP Score: 4/5

Stream and download Ryan's effort on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  • You Never Know

  • Bandit

  • Those Who Wait

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