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The Harmonica Lewinskies - Dad Rock


NYC based jazz funk outlet The Harmonica Lewinskies have just put out their latest album titled "Dad Rock". The expansive set jumps across all spectrums of the musical palette, delivering in every sense of the world with a heavy emphasis being put on fashion and technique, and gives the listener a whole outlet of musical wonder right at their disposal that can be a bit daunting at times, but is easily navigatable over time.

We start things off with "Put Your Mouth On Me" a throwback track with high energy brass rhythms and a organically composed mindset that revisits the sounds from yesteryear but with a more modern twist that is more easily relatable in today's modern musical climate. "I Surrender" follows up with a more downtempo musical nature that really cuts to the core of the band's diversity and their ability to change tempos on a dime and delve deep into their innermost musical psyche, whereupon the listener can find different facets of the band to marvel over and be a part of at the same time. "Feelin' Boozy" is a more peppy, uptempo musical slice that is a great opportunity for the band's brass section to receive some exposure and stand out from amongst the noise and clatter that is taking place. "Sari Girl" is a frenetic, excitable mess that crosses all possible musical boundaries and doesn't let up until right the very end where we'll still be left shaking our heads at what we just encountered.

The disc's latter tracks include "Sitting On My Hands" featuring more interludes with the guitar and takes a more streamlined approach that is a more realistic and quieted down affair that makes it a little more manageable to filter out the band's strengths. "Jesus Christ Is Just Rock and Roll" ends our stay here with an electric, all out number full of varying degrees of vocal intensity coupled with a full on barrage of instrumentation including some strong guitar licks and the band's signature brass section delivering everything that they can possibly muster into one, final interlude that makes sure the band finishes right where they started..

All in all, a well implemented and creative effort brought forth by The Harmonica Lewinskies, a band that is largely unknown to most but is starting to gain some traction in the music scene where they're being welcomed largely for their ability to be different from every other act out there.

Album Score: 3/5

Track Listing:

  • Put Your Mouth On Me

  • Do You Believe

  • I Surrender

  • Feelin' Boozy

  • Americana

  • Sari Girl

  • The Hunt

  • Sitting on My Hands

  • Jesus Christ Is Just Rock and Roll

Bonus Tracks:

  • Horizontal Yellow

  • Land of 1000 Dances

  • MCFK Theme

  • Horizontal Blue

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