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Aussie Native Benny Walker Finds His Calling With "Will There Be A Light"

Based out of Echuca, Australia Benny Walker has released his debut single titled "Will There Be A Light". The track cuts down to the core of olk essence with Benny's explosive vocal dynamic running roughshot throughout the entire duration of the track, and his lightly tuned acoustic guitar melodies leading to a song that is deeply passionate and makes your eyes and ears pop out as to how awesomely talented Benny is. I was blown away at what Benny had to offer, and you can tell how much he deeply loves performing just by hearing him belt it all out and present his heartfelt emotions that will definitely make people swoon and fall head over heels with his music.

To take a listen to "Will There Be A Light", it's available for public consumption on Soundcloud right over here and for more on Benny Walker, 'Like' him on Facebook right here and give him a follow on Twitter at this spot here.

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