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Bay Area Bred Great Spirit To Release Debut EP "Front Porch To Frontier"

From the City By the Bay, Great Spirit has put out their premiere effort titled "Front Porch To Frontier". The folk based group has crafted a raw and revealing set of tunes from a type of music that you wouldn't expect to come out of the Bay Area, but it opens your eyes and ears as to the possbilities of what lays beneath the surface here on a colorful and diverse set of songs that really cuts to the core of American folk essence at its finest. I found much to enjoy from these guys, and they really left me feeling curious and wanting to know more about these talented musicians that I hope to have the pleasure of seeing in concert sometime soon.

The effort won't be out until January 13th, but you can stream some of their prior material over on their Soundcloud page right here, and for more info on Great Spirit don't forget to 'Like' their Facebook page at this location here.

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