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Kansas Bible Company - Dad's Day

Goshen, IN's massive 12 piece collective Kansas Bible Company have returned with their all new studio effort titled “Dad's Day”. The follow up to the exquisite “Hotel Chicamauga” finds the band hitting at a different angle like their first one did, but still maintains their group based aesthetic that they displayed on their first record with a top notch brass section and a completely original musical mindset that is unlike any other group in existence today.

“Elysees 99, 84” starts us off with a simple number complete with some intricate guitar riffs that hint at the change of pace the group is venturing towards, and the talents of Mikey Ruth and Nathan Morrow are on our display with everyone contributing equally to the overall success of the group as a whole. “Loosing The Feel” is my favorite track off the effort that echoes the sounds of the band's previous effort, and couples it with the band's new musical direction and you can see the fruits of their labor being realized with a vivid, clear musical display brought forth and the talents of the brass section continuing to prove their mettle and you can see how dependent each bandmember is on one another with everyone feeding off the collective energy that is just billowing and continuing to gain steam and momentum as we move on forward. “Everything Blue” is a more toned down number featuring more subtle musical notes and a more organic approach that shows off the band's diversity and their ability to dabble in other areas that makes them a more far reaching and long lasting group in the process that is willing to take musical risks that they wouldn't have thought about previously. The effort concludes on “Stone In The Water” an extremely deep musical number that takes in elements we've heard in succession throughout the effort, and presents it on a platter for us to marvel over the journey we've taken, and how the band members themselves have evolved and grown as musicians and people as a result of creating this expansive effort.

In all a stunning change of pace from Kansas Bible Company, who have totally reinvented their sound that is a positive thing and shows that the members are willing to think outside of the boundaries and focus on the future and the tasks at hand that will carry the group's momentum to new heights and musical soundscapes never before imagined.

Stream or download the new album at the group's Bandcamp page right over here.

EP Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

  • Elysses 99, 84

  • Loosing The Feel

  • Everything Blue

  • Stone In The Water

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