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Experience Melbourne's The Outdoor Type With "Are You Happy"

Melbourne, Australia's own The Outdoor Type has landed on American shores with his debut track titled “Are You Happy”. The performer who goes by the name of Zack Buchanan has a deep and passionate love with music, and you can hear his affection pour out into the open with this track that has elements of Guster with his own unique twist that puts him into a different pantheon of up and coming singer songwriters who have a deep affinity for the environment they live in, and how it affects the sound of their music. I was intrigued mostly because I didn't know anything about him, and sought out to find more about this talent that I know will have a bright future in music.

To take a listen to “Are You Happy”, it's available on Soundcloud right here and for more info on The Outdoor Type, 'Like' him on Facebook right over here.

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