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Top Music News Stories of 2014

Wrapping up our year end recap with a look at the top music news stories of the past year. There was definitely a flurry of activity from the past year, some shocking news stories and others that were more lighthearted and laid-back, there was no shortage of activity here on the site and we were here to cover it all! Here is a look at the Top 5 music news stories of the past year:

EX-NFG Member Steve Klein Arraigned on Child Porn Charges

One of the more shocking stories of the past year, now former New Found Glory guitarist Steve Klein faced child porn charges in relation to an online sex room incident that resulted in him leaving the band last December. The incident sent waves throughout the music community, and inicted talks around the water cooler as well. The case is still currently still ongoing, which resulted in the end of his marriage, his reputation destroyed, and his career will be forever tarnished because of this incident.

Bands of Summer Special

In August, I released my much buzzed about Bands of Summer photo spread. This was designed to show off a more laid back side to the bands I covered on the site, resulting in much flesh being shown and a lot of happy female eyes looking for some topless flesh. Bands such as Manic Pixi and Kansas Bible Company were more than willing to strip down for the cameras and reveal their sexy bods to the world for all to see.

MLB Walk Up Song Specials

Back in February, I kicked off my MLB Walk Up Song Special before the start of spring training, designed to get listeners connected with the walk up songs of their favorite baseball players. I had an absolute blast going through most of the teams in MLB, highlighting the distinct personalities on each team and giving some people a new favorite ballplayer to fawn over. It also allowed me to bridge the gap between music and sports, and bring together my two loves in an effort that was infinitely rewarding for me.

Behind The Scenes of Manic Pixi's Debut Music Video

This past summer, a lot of eyeballs popped out of their sockets when I revealed the above behind the scenes pic from Manic Pixi's debut music video. This was largely responsible for the inspiration behind the Bands of Summer feature, and really infused a great deal of sexual energy and mystique about the band as well. Drummer Emmett Ceglia is well known for being half-naked during performances, and the video crew from Yacht Club were more than willing to go shirtless themselves which resulted in a great deal of arousal and satisfaction from readers in the now iconic pic you see above.

Relaunch of MusicBoxPete

Back in late June, I relaunched MusicBoxPete in a whole new format that took on the look of a more professional looking website and less of a blog. I had been mulling over redesigning the website for some time now, and it seemed like the perfect time to do it to stay ahead of the competition and have more of a eye catching aesthetic that still has the same content from the old site, just on a more modern playing field. The response to the redesign has been very positive and this is just the first step of plenty of more things planned for the site in 2015!

5 Year Anniversary Celebration

Just last month, I celebrated the 5 year anniversary of the launch of MusicBoxPete with a week long retrospective feature. The party allowed us to go back in time with highlights from the site's 5 year history, some flashback pieces, throwback photos, and my own personal thoughts on this milestone. One of the more touching pieces was a YouTube video cobbled together from Mike Abiuso of Behind The Curtains with a host of bands that I worked with and some I've never heard of congratulating me on my 5 years. It was definitely one of the creative pinnacles of my life, and felt like a birthdays of sorts with people from all over e-mailing me, or coming up to me in person and saying how much they appreciate the site really makes me all the more humbled.

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