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Animal Talk Stake Their Claim As One of Boston's Top Bands

There's no denying that Animal Talk are one of the top acts in the local Boston music scene right now, and that point was drilled home to me just a few weeks ago when I got the chance to see the guys perform at Great Scott. They had always been one of those bands I needed to cross off my list and check out in person, and these gents failed to disappoint. It was perhaps one of the best live performances I've seen from a local act in quite some time. With an insatiable blend of indie, synth, and dance rock elements, the guys have certainly found their groove and have made an indelible impression on me with that singular performance firmly entrenched in my brain as one of those "Why didn't I check out this band sooner?" moments.

For more info on Animal Talk, 'Like' them on Facebook here, follow on Twitter over here, and visit their official website right here for links to music and more info about the guys.

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