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Her Habits - Northerner EP

Canadian based singer-songwriter Her Habits has just released her stunning debut EP titled “Northerner”. The artist who originally goes by the name of Joanie Wolkoff displays a powerful and broad ranging voice that fills out her sound quite nicely with a bevy of electro-guided instrumentation to balance everything out and start the music in motion.

“Slip Away” begins our musical journey with a mystifying and haunting track with mellow, indietronica beats immediately putting things in perspective and comforting you immensely as the rest of the effort begins to take shape. “Thing or Two” adds in some guitar elements for good measure, and couples that with Joanie's smooth and velvety vocal delivery that makes the sound that much more authentic and unlike anything else you've heard before. “Faster Than Sound” takes a more distorted approach with more varied instrumental arrangements and a more downtempo frame of mind that also shows off the diversity that Joanie is capable of displaying at any given time. “Dolla Sign” wraps up our stay with some 8-bit styled sound effects thrown about for good measure and giving the listener ample time to develop an impression of what was just presented to them. I had a blast listening to her music, and I loved the fact that it was markedly different from anything else I've heard before in that it blended together different genres and resulted in something totally unique which gives Her Habits an ample platform to express her artistic and creative desires.

In summary, a well executed and plotted out effort from Her Habits, a singer songwriter that is in a different vein from all the other up and coming talent today in the fact that she expresses herself in a way that is original and beyond anything in our musical comprehension.

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

  • Slip Away

  • Truth

  • Thing or Two

  • Faster Than Sound

  • Two Ships

  • Dolla Sign

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