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Sunshine Riot - Black Coffee Sigh

Boston's own southern rock group known as Sunshine Riot have just released their all new, full length studio effort titled Black Coffee Sigh. The effort is a diverse and thorough collection of tunes from a group you wouldn't expect to come from this region, but they do a great job of presenting their strengths and influences to a curious listening audience who have a veracious appetite for everything musically related.

We start things off with “This Is A Raid”, an upbeat, Southern fried nugget with solid vocal delivery and a loose and limber instrumental arrangement that sets thing off in motion from the start and presents the band in the manner in which they originally intended. “Liz Stone” features more varied instrumental arrangements and a more raw, pure vocal presentation that shows off the band's Southern influence in a more direct fashion where fans will get the full spectrum of what makes them so unique. “Drunken Love” sees the guys letting loose and having fun with a track that shows off the band's more comical side and their ability to show off different facets of their personality that makes them more memorable in the process.

We're in the second half of the album with “Dead Baby Cocaine Blues”, an incredibly well arranged track featuring more Southern flavored musical delights and more of that raggedy vocal delivery that makes them sound so much more homegrown and authentic. “Mama” tones things down a couple of notches with an acoustic number that shows the band's abilities to dabble in different wavelengths that really puts things in perspective as soon as you hear it in its finished form. “Road Runner” picks things back right up with more cohesive arrangements and a straightforward approach that allows the band to focus on the task at hand. “Black Coffee Sigh Side B” gets ready to wrap up the album with an acapella vocal arrangement that shows a different side of the band that we haven't seen thus far that is really striking and suits the guys particularly well. “Grandma Queefed A Football” ends things here with a comically titled track that wraps things up on cue and allows us to look back on the album in full and recap what we've just heard.

Overall a well put together effort from Sunshine Riot, a band with Southern musical tendencies that you wouldn't expect to come from the Boston region, but they do a great job of keeping things laid back and all in the realm of fun with high spirited musical delivery drawn to a T.

Score: 3.5/5

Track Listing:

Black Coffee Sigh Side A

This Is A Raid

Liz Stone

Get High

Drunken Love

Better Days

Dead Baby Cocaine Blues



Road Runner


Black Coffee Sigh Side B

Grandma Queefed A Football

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