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New England Patriots Super Bowl Music Spectacular

The New England Patriots cemented their status in Super Bowl lore when they beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in a thrilling and riveting Super Bowl. The Patriots engineered a 2nd half deficit of 10 points to hold off a late Seattle surge at the goalline that was probably one of the most anxiety inducing moments in recent memory. One thing that helped the Patriots along the way and avoid the whole Deflategate drama was the music, each player has a distinct personality that sets them all apart but when they come together, they're all one cohesive unit that performs at the highest level possible and picks each other up in times of need. I've compiled a list of some of the Pats players and their music selections picked by yours truly that really puts everything in perspective of this remarkable team:

Tom Brady - Thrice "Firebreather"

Our own #12 has this Thrice number as his theme song. Tom Terrific has definitely shown no signs of slowing down with his age, and continually proves why he's the best QB in the league with his strong passes and ability to target players down the route with pinpoint precision. After winning his 4th Super Bowl and 3rd Super Bowl MVP award, his name now belongs to the ages.

Julian Edelman - Minus The Bear "Burying Luck"

The ripped and jacked Edelman had a tremendous postesason, there was the divisional game against the Ravens where he threw a 51 yard TD pass to Danny Amendola that helped lead his team to victory that day. Last night, it was his go ahead touchdown reception that proved to be the deciding points when all is said and done. Edelman has soared in terms of offensive production and is constantly one of Tom's favorite targets when it comes to catching a pass. He is definitely one of my favs on the team, and is definitely one of the leaders when it comes to being motivated.

Rob Gronkowski - The Venga Boys "We Like To Party"

Gronk is definitely one big pile of fun when it comes to his on and off field antics. Whether it's spiking a ball in the end zone, dancing with his teammates, taking pictures with kittens, or going shirtless in a strip club, Gronk injects his team with so much energy, humor, and enthusiasm when it's most needed. This 90's hit expresses everything you need to know about this guy who will gladly drink all the beer at your party if it's available!

Nate Solder - Bob Marley & The Wailers "Buffalo Soldier"

Nate has really stepped up his game this year and has really helped in Soldering up the defense (no pun intended!) You may remember his unforseen touchdown catch a couple of weeks ago in the AFC Championship Game that has been replayed countless times over and will go down in Patriots lore as one of the more memorable postseason plays. It's been great seeing him develop over the years, and his style and substance are one that have made this past season a Soldering to remember.

Danny Amendola - Wolfmother "Dimension"

When the Patriots signed Amendola to a big contract after the departure of Wes Walker, it wasn't seen as a big deal as Amendola wasn't a hallmark player when he was with the Rams and it was unknown what he could contribute to the team. Well now we definitely know as he was utilized more and more during the Postseason, especially in last night's win where he caught a TD pass that proved that he was worth all the money spent and will be a valuable commodity next season and beyond.

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