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The Notionaries Keeps Things In Melodic Perspective

Based out of the OKC/Wichita/Denver area, The Notionaries bring with them a high energy, melodic thrill ride that will have you hooked from the moment you hit 'Play'. With elements of The Royal Concept and Two Door Cinema Club thrown in for good measure, the guys have a great way to play to their strengths and keep the audience in check and give them something to keep their undivided attention on all the way throughout. These guys were an immediate hit for me as soon as I began listening to them, and I immediately fell head first into their river of straightforward guitar licks and well linked up vocals that combined together to create something totally unique and original that draws upon the strengths of their aforementioned contemporaries, but also brings about to the surface their real musical personalities as well.

For more on The Notionaries, 'Like' them on Facebook here, follow them on Twitter here, and check out their new track "Excited Eyes" over on Soundcloud right here.

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