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Victoria, BC Based Current Swell Cut To The Core Of Folk Rock, Playing Great Scott Next Month

Emanating from the deep north cold of Victoria, British Columbia comes the down home sounds of Current Swell. The Canadian folk-rockers bring the sounds of their homeland to the masses with an authentic, deep collection of tunes that is reflective of their upbringing and brings to mind the music that influenced them when they were younger as well. There were really no surprises when it came to listening to this band as they evoked a sense of warmth and comfort, which is especially needed in these times of intense cold and excessive snow that sometimes can put a damper on people's moods at times. Current Swell is definitely a band that can provide the proper prescription for whatever ails you.

The band will be playing Great Scott in Allston on March 12. For more info on Current Swell, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, follow on Twitter here, and check out their track "Ulysses" on Soundcloud conveniently located here.

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