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South Korea's Language of Shapes Bring About Unusual Sound On "Stitches"

Hailing from the Gangwon province of South Korea, Language of Shapes have an otherwordly sound on their brand new single titled "Stitches". The song uses a bevy of tribal beats based upon psychedelia infused instrumentation and a sonic wavelength like no other that totally makes sense the more you listen to it. I was a little taken aback when I first heard this track seeing as I didn't understand it at all, but the more I listened to the track, the more it made sense to me as to what the members of the band were willing to accomplish as they have a sound that is quite unusual, but is something that in the long run will be appreciated even more by music lovers.

To take a listen to "Stitches" for yourself, it's available on their Soundcloud page here and for more info on Language of Shapes, 'Like' them on Facebook here and check out more of their music on their Bandcamp site right over here.

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