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Brooklyn Based Goste Releases Vintage Clip For "Hold On/Let Go"

Brooklyn based Goste has just put out a music video for the song "Hold On/Let Go". The clip takes us on a journey through the studio as he puts this magic all together, and is also interspersed with some vintage clips that when combined, create a otherworldly effect that sets this vid apart from all the others and is unique in the qualities and characteristics that it exudes. The vid was created by Chris Cucinotto who has his own company called Chris Thomas Creative, who did an absolutely superb job of creating Goste's vision through a series of moving pictures that also captures the essence of the song and what the message is trying to convey to those that are watching intently.

For more on Goste, 'Like' him on Facebook over here, follow him on Twitter right here, and check out his music over on Soundcloud at this station here.

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