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Boston Based ColorGrave Release Intricately Laced Track, "Fever Dreams"

The Boston based indie duo kown as ColorGrave have just put out their brand new track titled "Fever Dreams". The song is a wondorous, magical track that transports you into a world of musical delights like no other. From dream-like musical soundscapes to whispering and filtered vocals, this track provides the perfect escape from the dreaded winter blues that seem to be creeping up on everybody lately. This song really knocked me back in my chair when I first heard it, and I really gravitated towards it even though I'm not that much into electronic music. But what I appreciated about them was their ability to breathe a certain kind of musical comfort and beauty into a track that definitely needs to be heard multiple times in order to harness its full musical abilities.

To take a listen to "Fever Dreams", it's now available for public consumption on Soundcloud here and for more info on ColorGrave, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow their trails on Twitter right here.

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