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Discover Boston's The Winter Brave And Their New Single "As You Once Were"

Boston's The Winter Brave have just made available their latest single to their fans titled, "As You Once Were". The song has a thumping, intense rhythm driven melody with deep and punctuating drum beats that inflict everything around them, from the spot on guitar licks and the well constructed vocals that make them really stand out from the musical page and makes them more attractive from a musical standpoint. I was enthralled with my first impression from these guys, and they really have a congenial type of feel that makes everything cohesive and linear, and also presents a different type of act that is honed in on what it wants to accomplish in the days ahead.

To take a listen to "As You Once Were", have at it over on their Soundcloud page right over here, and don't forget to 'Like' them on Facebook right over here.

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