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Lincoln, ME Based Jacob Augustine Releases Homespun "Salvation" Vid

Based out of Lincoln, ME Jacob Augustine has put forth his brand new music video for the song "Salvation". The clip takes us through the creative force who is starting to carve out a name for himself with his honest and refreshing take on songwriting that has a downhome folk sound that is all the rage these days, and is reflected astonishingly well in this well constructed clip. The beauty of this clip is how emotional striking it is and how it cuts to the core of pure emotion at its finest, so if you have something going on in your life that is either positive or negative, the song will pull at your emotional heartsrings and allow you to draw a correltation between the two that will enable you to find a common ground and a deep appreciation for the immense talents of Jacob and everything he does.

For more on Jacob Augustine, 'Like' him on Facebook right over here and visit his official website at this spot here for more in depth information concerning his musical odysseys.

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