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Jack Romanov Release Cover Art For Forthcoming Studio Album, "After Ignorance, Before The Start

Artwork Credit: Wax on Felt Records and Dan Pecci

Boston's own Jack Romanov are gearing up for the Spring release of their 2nd full length album titled, "After Ignorance, Before The Start". The follow up to last September's "Sincerely, Jack Romanov" continues the musical odyssey of the quartet with new guitarist Michael Mirabella in tow, the guys are making it clear that 2015 is their year and they look primed to own it lock, stock, and barrel. The show that I attended last Tuesday @ TT's speaks to mind about the volume of creativity exploding off the page from the group. From Nick Aikens smooth and impeccable vocal delivery, to Nico Renzulli's drumstick breaking and frenetic percussion abilities, plus the genius of bassist Esteban Cajigas who adds a distinctive element to the group that can't possibly be replicated makes us anticipate the arrival of the album that much more.

Stay tuned to Jack Romanov's Facebook page here and Twitter feed over here for all the latest updates pertaining to the release of the upcoming album.

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