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Boston Folk-Punkers Drunken Logic Release New Vid For "(The Good News Is) No One Gives A Damn&q

Beantown area rockers Drunken Logic have just put out their brand new music video for the song "(The Good News Is) No One Gives A Damn". Shot on location at Church on Kilmarnock St. just steps from Fenway Park, the vid has a humorous storyline that couples well with the band's goofy folk-punk aesthetic that is an interesting combination, but works extremely well and gives viewers the opportunity to see first hand what one of their live shows is really like. I've featured these guys on the site before a couple of years ago, and I really appreciated that they broke away from the musical mold and did something that was truly representative of their personalities, and didn't do what every other local band in town was doing that would have made them get lost in the shuffle. Definitely a worthwhile watch!

For more on Drunken Logic, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and check out their official homepage right here.

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